Clovelly Federation in the Grand style

Clovelly Federation in the Grand style

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Fern Street Randwick/Clovelly

Fern Street is an area of building high on the eastern Randwick ridge, with views to the ocean. Parallel to Fern but inland is Bishops Avenue (to the west) which is a more private affluent street, yet still set very high at the top of the hill overlooking Randwick to the west.

This is what I found there:

Fern Street first: SMALL is Beautiful too:
The shingled gable is fairly rare, but well taken care of.
Neighbours differ in their taste!
But there are larger houses further down the street:
Below is a Federation 1880’s house in the Filigree style, with the shaded verandahs reminiscent of a Queenslander!
And below, is even somewhat Italianate Victorian, but the roof has been replaced:

However, parallel Bishops Avenue (to the west) has a large collection of Grand houses.
This house below is slightly more modern than above, and the bay window makes it recognisable as Federation style:
Opposite, a beautiful house, still well preserved.
Below: what a stunning example of Federation filigree! However the new roof tiles could have been less colourful.
Compare the neighbour’s roofs below:
and (below) this looks like a renovated house kept in the old style.
Can you see the new brickwork pattern? Perhaps it is a special example of pointed refacing?
The brickwork does match the filigree style, but is quite bold for the period.
And now back to Fern Street and its Arts and Crafts *star*:
Isn’t this double fronted assymetrical Arts & Crafts residence with gabled bay window a house of rakish beauty? After all, Federation Houses were rarely symmetrical, and I think it is just GREAT. It has whimsy.

Unsympathetic Federation Renovation

However it’s near neighbour has been unceasingly added to – is that a smile or a growl on its filigree face?
What was a great example of Federation filigree style has been renovated without sympathy.

Three more examples of Fern Street renovations: (I don’t think they used an architect):


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