Coogee Federation Classics

South Coogee Federation Classics

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Coogee is a suburb of contrasts, beach and cliffs, apartments on the lower ground, large established houses on the heights.
I think this Federation Bungalow house has to be the star of the suburb:

Thomas Street Coogee

And a side view, check out all the chimneys in perfect condition;
Note the large 5-pane bay window and the two bow bay windows in the front, with excellent detailing:

House, Higgs and Thomas Streets, Coogee

The Queen Anne style is particularly well represented by this building in Dudley Street:

Dudley Street Coogee

Another Queen Anne style residence on the flat area of Carr Street has been renovated to resemble the Arts and Crafts style, down on the flat:

Carr Street Coogee

Here are front views from Carr Street:
coogee003_edited.jpg coogee004_edited.jpg
This is quite a large residence, isn’t it! (and for Sale by application within)

Another elegant classic Federation example from the Thomas and Dudley Street area:
And from around the corner in Higgs Street South Coogee

Higgs Street South Coogee

The northerly neighbour of this house has been recently advertised for sale:
This house for sale has a traditional picket fence and more established garden.

Now down the hill to the North of these buildings on the flat beach area, not yet developed into apartments.
Three more traditional Coogee Beach beauties:

Coogee Beach Federation Classic

and finally two fine neighbours high up on Arden Street, getting plenty of sea breeze:

Arden Street neighbours

The right hand house has just been sold:

Arden and Oberon Street Corner

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