Magnificent Randwick

Magnificent Randwick

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This is a grand collection of Federation houses in St Marks Street, Eastern Randwick, which is slowly being overtaken by blocks of units. Let us hope all these houses pictured can be saved.

First, historic Rathven:

43 St Marks Road, Randwick, NSW
43 St Marks Road, Randwick, NSW

Then, in the style of Arts and Crafts, with its rear to a gully and eastern neighbourhood views:
This is a rather magnificent large home, well loved, and shows little sign of the large renovation which has been made, with underground parking off to the right of the picture.

Below, on the western side of Dutruc Street, some wonderful residences:
The style above is fairly Victorian, except it has a hipped roof, and prominent chimneys,
so let’s say it is a graceful and symmetrical pre-cursor to the classic Queen Anne Federation style of its neighbours, and all obviously date from the late 19th Century:
Very Pretty in Pink? or Puce? Could that be a sunrise in the gablet? Just possibly?
No, it is a ventilator grille. But the hipped roof and the oriel window are Queen Anne style.

Victorian Villa, St Mark’s Road Randwick NSW

And now for the single story residences:
These St Mark’s Road Street houses would be built closer to the turn of the century,
and don’t show the sunrise motif in the gable, so may still be built prior to political federation.

These are positioned lower down the street and the hill, from the magnificent two Victorian villas above.
Both these houses are also obviously loved and well-cared for, and are a credit to their owners.
I think the French lavender tones suit this house a treat.


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