Alba Longa, Appian Way Burwood

Alba Longa, 4 Appian Way Burwood NSW 2134

external image Alba%2520Longa%2520Burwood%2520animation_q9Zybv.gif

The Appian Way Conservation Area comprises a small but important part of the Burwood Local Government Area, protected by Burwood Local Environmental Plan No. 10, gazetted in 1985, being one of the earliest Conservation Areas gazetted in NSW. The area is thus afforded statutory protection under the Council’s planning instrument, the Burwood Planning Scheme Ordinance (BPSO), as amended.

  • Conceived as a model suburban housing estate by a wealthy Sydney businessman, George Hoskins, the Appian Way and its associated houses in Burwood Road remains as probably the finest Edwardian bungalow precinct in Sydney.
  • By virtue of its architectural cohesiveness idyllic landscaped environment of street and allotment alike with related sports reserve, this development sets a high standard by today’s criteria.

A Truly Outstanding Residence

external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520main.jpg

In a street full of grand federation homes Alba Longa stands as one of the best. Set on approx. 1796 m2 of formally landscaped grounds it overlooks the community owned Appian Way tennis courts & Pavillion

external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image15.jpg
external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image14.jpg
  • The home has been cleverly restored, extended & beautified to blend its original charm & history with space, lightness, practicality & free flowing layout demanded by a modern family.
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image5.jpg
  • Comfortable spaces to entertain, be together or just retire quietly are easily found.

It Offers

  • 5 generous bedrooms & a detached study or 6th bedroom
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image8.jpg
  • 2 Magnificent formal rooms
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image3.jpg
  • Gracious entrance foyer & hallway
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image7.jpg
  • Designer kitchen with huge central bench
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image4.jpg
  • Fabulous everyday living areas open through fold away walls to yard deck & pool area
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image11.jpg
  • Architect designed pool & covered pool side area
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image12.jpg
  • Luxurious & spacious fully serviced pool house / games room or guest accommodation.
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image13.jpg
  • Long paved drive to a huge LUG
  • Sprawling lawns are bordered with Arbores & manicured old English box hedging & established trees
    external image %2527Alba_Longa%2527_Garden%252C_4_Appian_Way.jpg

Its features include

external image Corner%2520turret%2520of%2520Alba%2520Longa.jpg
  • Eye catching tower & distinctive octagonal verandah with tessellated tiles
    external image 1_Burwood_Appian_Way_3.jpg
  • Beautiful fireplaces throughout
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image9.jpg
  • Gorgeous coloured glass & bay windows, 6 breathtaking fireplaces, and ornate ceilings throughout.
  • Combination of timber & stone flooring
    external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image6.jpg
  • High ornate ceilings & overhead fans
  • Only 10 minutes to Burwood centre & near to all the Districts best schools
external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image2.jpg
external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520floorplan1.jpg

Appian Way is regarded as one of the most exclusive addresses in Sydney and is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the inner west
The essential character the houses of the estate are related to intersecting gabled roofs, verandahs integrated with the house under the same roofline and turned timber verandah posts. Generally, the houses are of complex, asymmetrical form, being dominated by extensive verandahs and prominent, irregular rooflines. The verandahs often have a corner emphasis and as the houses are placed on wide allotments, they tend to feature carefully designed and executed side elevations as well as street façades.

external image 4%2520APPIAN%2520WAY%2520Burwood%2520image16.jpg
  • Some roofs incorporate small ornamental turrets. The square turrets of “Vallambrosa”, “Capri” and “Talofa” were positioned above entrance halls and the polygonal turret of “Alba Longa” visually reinforces the shape of the verandah below.
  • The only functional turret is at “Verona”, where the turret encloses a small room. The interior of the houses are large with many rooms and involved plans based predominantly on the central hallway concept, which had long been the traditional arrangement in house planning.
  • Consequently, all the rooms are clearly defined and linked by corridors, rather than adopting open living spaces. The Appian Way houses were designed so that their residents would be able to view the recreation ground from their front verandahs.
  • The allotments within Hoskins Estate are generally large, and consequently the gardens are extensive. The width of some allotments has resulted in gardens that virtually surround the houses on all sides, and the houses do not encroach closer than at least three metres to the boundaries of their allotments. The houses have been positioned so that substantial landscaping was provided at both front and rear of the building.

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