Ruhamah, Hamilton Qld

Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton QLD 4007

Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton
Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton

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Properties like “Ruhamah” (1905) are as rare as they are magnificent

  • This home is set on eight separate titles with a total land size of 4258m2, making this 112 year old property one of the largest private holdings in Hamilton and Ascot.
  • This unique home has had only had 4 families live there, with the current owners residing in the property for over 26 years.
Grand: 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton
Grand: 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton

“Ruhamah” is more accurately described as an estate than a house, with grounds of 4258 square metres.

  • The 112-year-old property is comprised of eight separate titles, making it one of the largest properties in Hamilton and Ascot.
  • It’s hard to say whether the indoors or the outdoors are more grand, with features including a tennis court, indoor pool room, a billiards room and hallway chandeliers.
    Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton QLD 4007
    Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton QLD 4007
  • The current owners are selling after 26 happy years in the home



Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton QLD 4007
Ruhamah, 23 Killara Avenue, Hamilton QLD 4007
  • The home has been meticulously restored and maintained
    external image yE_LukVJdIbt7ypmF-QuRHud-fU1hZl0zjj3tOTb63iyPiQav1yknGjfeycCM92FgJL8R_ml9G3K2iueeCQ=w374-h220-rw external image qHqZSbLlLh_O-K0PPyggD921zUz4kapFJwnMFloc9NEgr2CgWiLgkE-Z6jJRbHqivb4sD3c0-7WegP2m3mg=w330-h220-rw
    external image hOytblKz8Di8QYxfg_mZsoL_yCw0evVgOMlnpNyqXkbFntGIcMPiGUDwR2a9bh4M1tm6pGYvKbE1t7dGcw8=w338-h220-rw external image e0u_IHO9-E3HyU4xTkkdsrcliYRGwF1X-SnY9cShapHpAvhjDb0-MJtAMpDydGC6Q82o_O7RVPLtGHUrvio=w391-h220-rw


One of the most beautiful Queenslander’s Brisbane has to offer


  • Two formal dining rooms, two living rooms
    external image em6Xq3f7E4_yoPASBRWBZfiTLYPQO-BnqPyS0TGr8JshIJ-_nkgGjIWjfX4GZ_M8gZMdD7McSI16sFtrxWo=w330-h220-rw external image yWBoqnZPoSGquUEd7j1iWoQYULM8p13fsYSQMSftgB50zWzphAKg-74QHaTKd5a2IXvdxogYnjbDbhSX0fw=w330-h220-rw
    external image z0k68MFya3uEQIC3KNdE-dkPO1oms0mjCVCmlbDShguXf1WWHPLIs3EcT2PELo-a68cMljbL9SaEaeFIJMU=w330-h220-rw external image xpEDeE12HQM4-YjRMFMJ2edcDFCNsBogQ9kH6v38T-Gmm4NiWK9ZM_YHtQP_D3d2TUZw1XyB5TucbEYosuM=w322-h220-rw
  • Billiard room with overhead lighting and leadlight turret area
    external image -n_3DUqIkcr5qqdI6ukb0ZQfwwjpHaa2I8i5SBZTEXF3mNX8aqmXMHmh6-WBjmPWPxM6Jw5AgXU3d6_vkf4=w330-h220-rw external image cILveb5MpLVNJRMTDabZE9jBkdVHXOS9f9JOjG5wZU3wfdUI-G10MsZctXcj0u0q3zdRk-P7nmZZMn9E-1g=w330-h220-rw
  • Extensive period features including high pressed-metal ceilings, chandeliers and hardwood polished floors
    external image zgmrXVPe6S4cpTz-fghm_4__yucr4vvstV15zvpnukC75ZtS0lbhzN46aklPFX_KNxo7-agpImubFfw3exk=w330-h220-rw external image xpEDeE12HQM4-YjRMFMJ2edcDFCNsBogQ9kH6v38T-Gmm4NiWK9ZM_YHtQP_D3d2TUZw1XyB5TucbEYosuM=w322-h220-rw
  • Chef’s kitchen with butler’s pantry
    external image s1qTinT2ZS05IjEQBqP8LH4fIc11QOjFnzHmfvVyJia0Gl44lGBCaj9fUoCa_TNEld2jw1VaxYHYtg7clMA=w391-h220-rw external image OU-JbD8FYbHoIDkQQ7J2pF4cWJlAnUs0xSft4Ec6TDplUoW20NwsMMisp5ZQSKT7wCPeGMw-HCRHk7qBY1A=w338-h220-rw
  • Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and powder room
  • Views to the river from the verandah
    external image cILveb5MpLVNJRMTDabZE9jBkdVHXOS9f9JOjG5wZU3wfdUI-G10MsZctXcj0u0q3zdRk-P7nmZZMn9E-1g=w330-h220-rw external image fimzOhgTr9VtZ2Y2x6caMiB7nCLz1PfnnQlifeQAs48lI-3g36VbucTDelCrEYNFujczlvXPJ8TNql0nNmo=w391-h220-rw
  • Tepanyaki terrace and outdoor dining area
    external image GPx_HF1xwPSJoFuzHjdy5XFc_l7tAgoIM4GpuTspwHxCPyL2ACt8f7FmvzxTBECme5jh03CMrT5bzS9FyPI=w330-h220-rw external image qHqZSbLlLh_O-K0PPyggD921zUz4kapFJwnMFloc9NEgr2CgWiLgkE-Z6jJRbHqivb4sD3c0-7WegP2m3mg=w330-h220-rw
  • Enclosed pool house with glass panelled roof and large Spa
    external image yWaUYVEDZmt511pZ6IZia4vE8fq1bia5V5iVmjX3RbxnMBpOI4esS9Q_VPLxZUZVmgbFQHTgF9_JU5I6dBA=w330-h220-rw external image 34d_ffmQr8tJDDO796DdyVrBAgxKJi_yjmfw2bYBySplkSNMRMUJo4A4_gUYTiBmvH1MUnhsYlLkHO-fCMI=w391-h220-rw
  • Floodlit championship tennis court set on a suspended concrete slab
    external image -4SoajHDhJkPYM4JWzvEIfktceWqv1GidrCvb0QpQ-pM5q29I6hP07bLSB4SFJU-ELrmp0GZi0ppKVL20Ws=w391-h220-rw external image 0XYUScJyjuTVuhhrTYQrbZk6DbcJz_XpHQ07TPuI00laDUBwHTmMoe7fpnBm5j9u2UOtNrvVa3qpg_ONATI=w330-h220-rw
  • 365,000-litre water tank with an ultra-modern, industrial-grade filtration system
  • Undercover parking for seven cars

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