Federation Detailing

The extraordinary detail of Federation decoration

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Art Nouveau Leadlight windows

7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039
7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039
352 Shannon Avenue Newtown, Vic 3220
352 Shannon Avenue Newtown, Vic 3220

IRIRIKI: An Original Federation Manor Residence

One of only a few remaining original estates in this historic parkside precinct, ‘Iririki’ is surrounded by estate-like grounds on a sprawling 836sqm in the heart of Randwick North.

  • Originally built in 1907 on land purchased from Centennial Parklands, the grand old mansion has only ever had two families in ownership and is offered for the first time in 63 years.
  • A former boarding house and local landmark, ‘Iririki’ forms an integral part of Wentworth Street’s distinguished streetscape with views to the city from the upper level.
  • A fine example of Federation architecture, the property features arched entry porticos, sandstone and wrought iron fences, marble fireplaces and pressed metal ceilings.
Irriki, 44-46 Wentworth Street Randwick NSW
Irriki, 44-46 Wentworth Street Randwick NSW

external image D0D5Z7JH9WnC8t1O5sfwQMupP_2XotuvvAh3OKnUrBOtNTLYnhCtBBjQFQ9aNYk1LOSPBeFc5p2bjbo6Tbg=w330-h220-rwexternal image qQoUcfI9pG2nBqmqS1S7wrAYsuWDXXFflbPchdIWB1O1JHEA3jL7Y8OokTuivpSyid9GM1gcKL87Ikun6SM=w330-h220-rw

Fireplace heaven!

external image sYBJVSR4JpOI_ZTi7mfxrua-l5EAycI1LeJ4asOcjgJy8gZQuu7vEhC6FhIS3PzP3ZKK3hxALRBY9L6Whhk=w330-h220-rwexternal image z064-ECfvbFadYLis2nXlRZwR5PwhqbgziK59uFUHz3NvKkh6QSkHNsI1uF3_6wiBiWgOiyC6gF2ow9kuzA=w326-h220-rw

Irriki, 44-46 Wentworth Street Randwick NSW
Irriki, 44-46 Wentworth Street Randwick NSW

Ornate Fireplaces and Art Nouveau leadlight windows:

The magnetism of the Queen Anne and Federation styles is here displayed in all its grandeur in this simply breathtaking 4 bedroom residence, boasting a coveted Poet’s Corner address.

7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039
7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039

Art Nouveau fireplace surrounds

external image 5EQe4itRbVETrES49dNHkemqME85Z3bW2HA8Y8B0buIfOd9X_syAWeF7Rz9ngEs8OMkHq5Q56CI8papTFQE=w333-h220-rw external image d6R4-LnsjMNgGcsR3V6nsMWcYWGn6tEzRXstpmCc3x8uf1LbBCbDKHI1mufkri1uxxW-Rq6Jre1q1KWq82s=w331-h220-rw

Lovely Period Features

Period features will impress include pressed metal ceilings, ornate plasterwork, leadlight windows, open fireplaces (and more).

7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039
7 Byron Street Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039


Federation charmer in Newtown, Geelong Vic

This original front 4 bedroom, 1 bath, 2 car Federation home (circa 1904) has a grand lead light entry with solid hardwood floors and two large light filled bedrooms with BIR and soaring 14 ft high decorative ornate ceilings, cast iron fireplaces and feature stained-glass windows.

92 Aphrasia Street Newtown Vic 3220
92 Aphrasia Street Newtown Vic 3220


92 Aphrasia Street Newtown Vic 3220
92 Aphrasia Street Newtown Vic 3220

Central Charm

This beautiful federation Queen Ann style home is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality features of the early 1900’s.

  • The main bedroom features beautiful bay lead light windows encased with plantation shutters and a dressing room with his and hers built in wardrobes
  • Large formal lounge in the center of the home creates a cosy atmosphere with a large open fireplace that flows through the ornate columns to the adjoining formal dining
external image b553RxTxdGHftR0xyNwdjbb43ghP8bFH_8DR-dyQpukOZDaRLxRo8WoGsAkC6bnbJgruiQrxtvHCSkOEAdWSQGzjk9fJtIY7dQTEIsCf53bWCC3GWDuKOUq_A1MclUE8C6p-yZZY1UDK0bpGifsPDjnC--sJV05WN-WnEq1yS4RtXB7OUCnkNdaG3NzxMmmli3aVgICuNAOZrJcQr25ml4QtWloP_vCEmO5gi19SWNPeQcFBYe-SP-1dunCPl7FZRx0KfVL8G_7MAYLNKL2AcMfRbOmoOxdjiVTjxxBCq21QyYRaouYeva1QeCne-XTvfUEopqvH45BFKJJoTIwVopWJh6PnNbBzpZJUxqKee-eqJEH8Cg9rC1NIUgrKGlHRPxws8Ycvod7---E3SaWq9tJPXRi79y_ZoCybYhbLPTM55Wx2uD1uDNMrgO2xs6ljxIKcI2JzqRQHqByC30EhKyb_03Oe_-A8X4YL8w_0EPwKqdtEb2zipwWOwZD-V2JFs26a9r--oSH9-TQVSbmPRcxFjhyB7Q8g_rEimxNxQUPxQ1MU0IVjqudRT9lQGooTrhoyH3MxMzgWoFNr9reXU7m6zQi2qReLmZBDRy7Kpqs=w800-h533-no

This stylish bungalow has the ‘masculine’ styled verandah pillars, and tuck-pointed brickwork:
external image wMN1O6FwQoYiGFlhcaGk63J4LUTihXSA9_UvRkd_CN-09Nixx46iJfrnHhrJlx9XUl32SyU9hO4vJxl66n4=w330-h220-rwexternal image EF2XWcqxtKN8lUp8nzDVi0PIc6HFMjkQr07u8a-C0_BF8hj0TQ-Q8ytgv4pddR97cFyzPelVcYzNRWlkDMM=w307-h220-rw


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