Redhall, Wahroonga

Redhall, 4-8 Illoura Avenue, Wahroonga NSW 2076

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Redhall at 4-8 Illoura Avenue, Wahroonga, New South Wales.
Redhall at 4-8 Illoura Avenue, Wahroonga, New South Wales.

Historic estate seeks new owner

Beautifully maintained for the 41 years since, it sits on almost 5000 square metres with the historic home set behind a circle driveway and a tennis court and swimming pool on the grounds.

Redhall, the historic Wahroonga estate, is for sale for only the second time. Photo: Supplied
Redhall, the historic Wahroonga estate, is for sale for only the second time. Photo: Supplied

Combining Old English and classic Arts & Crafts detailing, historic Redhall was one of the most significant estates to be built in Wahroonga in the early 1900s.

  • The sprawling, lovingly tended grounds are on one of the area’s largest parcels of land (4,915m2).
  • This proud Federation landmark has been held by just two prominent families since its flawless construction.
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  • Versatile floor plan accommodating up to seven bedrooms, including an expansive master suite.
  • Multitude of grand formal and casual entertaining spaces, study, stainless steel kitchen with butler’s pantry.
  • Sprawling, lovingly tended grounds with vast areas of lawn, formal sunken garden, pool, north-south tennis court and circular driveway.
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  • Stately traditional details such as soaring ornate ceilings, parquetry floors, archways, fireplaces, timber panelled walls and turned timber staircase.
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Redhall was built in 1907 for Sir Robert Gillespie, one of the proprietors of Gillespie Brothers and Anchor Flour Mills in Pyrmont, later becoming a Director of the Bank of NSW and CSR.

  • A prominent local identity, he poured his money and influence into Presbyterian schools and hospitals and also founded, endowed and chaired the first Council of Knox Grammar School in 1924.
  • The Gillespie Playing Fields in Hastings Road were purchased by Knox through generous donations from the Gillespie family and were named in his honour. Gillespie was also Chairman of PLC for 12 years as well as a major sponsor of theological hall facilities of St Andrew’s College, Sydney University.
  • One of Wahroonga’s original residences, the historic Redhall estate of the late transport and logistics industry boss John Strang, AO, and his widow Allison is for sale for only the second time since being built.
    external image bgavX78AQmXfDa-eQIIerECc4BxS_L0oncC_C6qYd5UfCiLYB1UqMdioHBQ2WzXEMbIJCoJVoIW6TQtgUjE=w330-h220-rw external image LAfXGDvgK0IVPKLRdMnZ5nqwfj5jO7Ts-vgPn1Xad_5jlPhY3IjrTN7C7EB1qzofrcsHJJeB-sOnknOEZxU=w330-h220-rw
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The 1907 Federation house was built for flour-miller and staunch Presbyterian Sir Robert Gillespie, with major improvements in the 1930s that included the elaborate sunken garden inspired by the English gardens of Gertrude Jeckyll that remains today.

  • external image MYepFJEq8MofLR37leEyaopveUjaQ8u1gdXGlVtboHcsmnpa3H3q4F32c-36di1YICQp_JPzQWlvmXQxknc=w330-h220-rw external image 6ZjxIKF5tr1r8wWTqMAqgXyN5iuX__VGrbrODtqaWmQ_vv2UOPRGBiuDGGLR_H68qa06YMRzAoqR6eiwqo4=w330-h220-rw
  • After Sir Robert died in 1945, the property was transferred to his daughter Jean Winton Ward, who sold it to the Strangs in 1976 for $178,000.
  • Strang, who was chairman and owner of the Strang Tradex Group, died a year ago, and the property has been listed with Darren Curtis and Martin Ross, of Christie’s International, for more than $7.5 million.

external image 3VkyFao6YftpXyIsuidLyDaoMsqyQlu4zaIxOEx0li3Qt8m1GWXm7czMAYoTFcm0l_qHPc0lNa9GejZkhlw=w330-h220-rw external image 6rBm7BhrQrJ9WN-ns2_9pUqBr-WvIi135XkFSFEDi2VERkY8oRvxHaveflhqnJmzqn2K9wmqpoQ1url-4_Y=w330-h220-rw
Redhall at 4-8 Illoura Avenue, Wahroonga, New South Wales.
The almost 5000 square metre estate has a guide of over $7.5 million. Photo: Supplied


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