Federation Furniture

After the heaviness, clutter and dark colours of Victorian interiors, people wanted something new and cheerful.
Edwardian style was a breath of fresh air.
The Federation period covers the years between 1890 to 1920.

from the Timeless Interiors website

  • The trend to simpler, squarer and more easily manufactured pieces continued into the 20th century.
  • Australian cedar-wood was becoming scarce and was rarely used except in cedar growing areas, like the Hunter;
  • elsewhere, blackwood, pine and oak were used.

Edwardian Soft Furniture

  • The Edwardian period is noted for its lighter aesthetic
  • artistic styles encompass the use of bright colors and emotional strokes to represent high society,
  • bright colors, lightweight fabrics and furniture designed with delicate lines and upholstered in fabrics with flowing graphics and floral design.
  • The Edwardian period was associated with good cheer and lightheartedness
Edwardian Lounge Chair
Edwardian Chaise Lounge


Edwardian Arts and Crafts chair



The concave buttonned padded back, arms and seat covered in grey and cream

Monogrammed Howard & Sons printed cotton, on ring-turned tapering legs with brass caps and castors

Christies Auction realised £4,000

A superb quality antique rosewood inlaid Edwardian dressing / window / piano stool, circa 1901 – Price: £695
• Wood: Rosewood & Satinwood
• Profuse floral inlay to front and back
• String inlay to all sides & legs
• Splayed legs
• Connecting stretcher
• Recently re-upholstered
• Silk damask & pale yellow fabric




These beautiful, whimsical pieces of furniture below were featured at Belle Epoch Antiques

(at 97 Percival Road Stanmore in the Stanmore village shops, Sydney)
The prices are as advertised by Belle Epoch in January 2012

Art Nouveau Blackwood Hallstand c.1895
This extraordinary Australian Art Nouveau blackwood hallstand was made and retailed by John Martin and Co of Rundle St, Adelaide, a leading retail establishment in South Australia from 1866-1998 and like David Jones and Anthony Horderns of Sydney, was a manufacturer of high quality ‘new art’ design furniture.

This hallstand is in stunning original condition with six fabulous iron hooks, a large resilvered bevelled mirror, one deep drawer and two tin drip pans.

It is adorned with an inspiring row of decorative Art Nouveau tiles and raised copper panels with sinuous motifs.

Its beautiful solid blackwood retains its original patina and maker’s plaque, John Martin’s Big Store, Adelaide.


Length: 120 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 198 cm Price: AUD$3250

Art Nouveau Oak Fireplace and Cast Iron Insert c.1910
This Art Nouveau oak fireplace is in good original condition. It has classic Art Nouveau lines and will suit any heritage home. The cast iron insert has magnificent original tiles.

Length: 140 cm Depth: 22 cm Height: 185 cm Price: AUD$1650

Edwardian Oak Hallstand c.1900
This Edwardian hallstand is made of solid oak and has been restored using traditional techniques. New authentic replacement hooks have been added to compliment the original drawer handle. drip trays and bevelled mirror. This hallstand will be ideal at the entrance of modern or heritage home.
Length: 81 cm Depth: 30 cm Height:200.5 cm Price: AUD$1850

From About Edwardian Furniture | eHow.com –

Art Nouveau Walnut Sideboard c.1900


  • The Edwardian period is identified with the reign of King Edward VII of England, son of Queen Victoria. King Edward succeeded to the throne in 1901. He died in 1910.
  • The Victorian period had been marked by dark, jewel-toned colors and heavy furnishings. Interiors were filled with velvets and jacquard fabrics, ornately carved furniture and layered window treatments.


  • The art nouveau influence is evident in the design of Edwardian furniture.
  • Edwardian furniture was also influenced by Neoclassical and Art Deco designs.
  • The Edwardian period is also one of revivalism, what may be termed in contemporary times as eclectic.
  • Edwardian furniture did away with most carving, replacing it with grape leaf and feminine form engraving.
  • The primary influences for this period were the art deco and Neoclassical artisans.
  • The more popular furniture piece that was invented during this era was the wing chair.
  • A popular material that was introduced during the Edwardian period is bamboo or wicker. The airiness was a relief from the heavy Victorian style. An Edwardian-style wicker chair will have a broad, arched back and curled arms. The seat will have a brightly colored cushion with a bold print. The broad back and curled arms is a common trait in Edwardian furniture, often seen in couches and wing-back chairs of the period.


Typical Federation furniture recently listed at Belle Epoch Antiques:

Federation_Arts_and_Crafts_Maple_Double_Bed_c.1905-2e.jpgFederation Arts and Crafts Maple Double Bed c.1905 Federation Oak Double Bed and Rails c.1915
This extremely solid Federation oak double bed is in original condition and has attractive floral carving on the head and foot together with strong original iron rails and a new slat base.
Length: 207 cm Depth: 140.5 cm Height: 149 cm
Mattress dimensions: 192.5 cm x 137 cm
Price: AUD$1450Federation_Oak_Double_Bed_and_Rails_c.1915-6x.jpg
Federation Silky Oak Double Bed Ends


This maple double bed is a fabulous example of Australian Arts and Crafts furniture made by leading Sydney retailer, Beard Watson Ltd (maker’s plaque on bed head with indented no. 36826).

It features high back slats softened by dainty heart motifs and retains its strong iron rails. The bed is in good original condition and comes with a new slat base.
Length: 209.5 cm Depth: 141 cm Height:157 cm and 102 cm
Mattress dimensions: 193 cm x 139 cm
Price: AUD$2250

Federation_Oak_Chest_c.1905-23c.jpg Federation Oak Chest c.1905
This classic Federation oak chest has five deep drawers with solid

Australian red cedar interiors. The piece retains its amazing original mellow patina while the back panel has been expertly replaced and new authentic handles added.

The chest is a strong piece of quality furniture that will increase in value in the years to come.
Length: 106 cm Depth: 50.5 cm Height:118 cm Price: AUD$2650

Federation_Oak_Sideboard_c.1910.jpg Federation_Oak_Sideboard_c.1910-detail.jpg Federation_Oak_Wardrobe_c.1910.jpg
Edwardian Oak Sideboard c.1900

This large Edwardian oak mirrored sideboard has deep floral carving, fluted uprights and turned pilasters. Sitting high and proud on solid oak ball feet, the sideboard has been skillfully restored using traditional techniques,.

The piece has authentic replacement handles but retains its original locks, key and large, shaped bevelled mirror.

Length: 158 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 207 cm Price: AUD$2250

Federation Oak Wardrobe c.1910
This intricately carved Federation oak wardrobe has been fully restored by a previous owner. There is full hanging behind the two doors with original beveled mirrors and ample storage space in the deep drawers and smaller cabinet. New authentic brass handles, locks and keys have been added. The robe disassembles into four pieces for ease of transport.
Length: 158 cm Depth: 53.5 cm Height: 206 cm Price: AUD $2750
Federation_Maple_Storage_Seat_c.1915.jpg Arts_and_Crafts_Maple_Occasional_Table_c.1910-49r.jpg
Edwardian Arts and Crafts Oak Sideboard c.1910
This extraordinary Arts and Crafts oak sideboard is in excellent original condition and is constructed of beautiful, heavy oak.This piece is extremely solid and has three substantial cabinets under three drawers. It retains its original cast iron art nouveau style handles and raised panelled back. This piece will be a talking point in any home.
Length: 223 cm Depth: 66 cm Height: 129 cm Price: AUD$4550
Federation Maple Storage Seat c.1915
This maple lift top seat is strongly constructed and has a large storage capacity. The simple design has strong Art Nouveau elements and it would be a handy addition to a hallway or bedroom for storage of shoes, clothes or toys.
Length: 75.5 cm Depth: 46 cm Height: 61.5 cm Price: AUD$450
Arts and Crafts Maple Occasional Table c.1910
This stylish Arts and Crafts Maple occasional table stands tall on four pierced legs and its French polished surface is in excellent condition. The piece can be attributed to Sydney furniture manufacturer, Beard Watson, and would be suitable for use as a lamp table or base for a larger vase, sculpture or television.
Length: 76 cm Depth: 50 cm Height:75 cm Price: AUD$850


Edwardian_Cedar_Hallstand_1910-22o.jpg Arts_and_Crafts_Oak_Hallstand_c.1900-50g.jpg Arts_and_Crafts_Oak_Hallstand_and_Seat_c.1910-z470.jpg
Edwardian Cedar Hallstand 1910
This elegant Australian cedar hallstand is based on a beautiful Shapland and Petter design, popular in the United Kingdom at the turn of the century. The cedar is in beautiful original condition, it retains its stunning original brass hooks and the bevelled mirror has benefited from resilvering (the mirror had a Sydney 1910 stamp). The piece will look equally at home in a Federation or Victorian house.
Length: 109.5 cm Depth: 30 cm Height:201.5 cm Price: AUD$2250
Arts and Crafts Oak Hallstand c.1900
This is an extraordinary example of Arts and Crafts furniture. This imposing hallstand is made of solid, beautifully grained English oak and it retains its original mellowed patina. It has outstanding original patented copper hooks (registration no. 536055), drip trays and copper handle on the single drawer. The shaped slats on either side of the original bevelled mirror reflect a Japanese influence that was so admired by the Arts and Crafts movement.
Length: 106 cm Depth: 33.5 cm Height: 198 cm Price: AUD$2950
Arts and Crafts Oak Hallstand and Seat c.1910
This unusual Arts and Crafts oak hallstand and seat has flowing seat rails. shaped legs and decorative piercing. The piece is very stable and well constructed with original bevelled mirror and authentic replica hooks.
Length: 69.5 cm Depth:41.5 cm Height: 181.5 cm Price:AUD$950


external image 52m.jpg Arts_and_Crafts_Blackwood_Washstand_c.1905.jpg 55f.jpg
Arts and Crafts Oak Sideboard  Federation Wash Stand Federation Oak Desk Chair


54q.jpg 55n.jpg
Federation Oak Dining Suite  Federation Oak and Cedar Dining Table




Federation Style Bedroom Suite

Solid MahoganySimple lines with a Federation influence.
Slat back with feature concave curved top section.

  • 3 drawer bedside tables.
  • 4 full width drawers in bottom section.
  • 2 small drawers in top.
  • Co-ordinating timber handles.


  • Timber handles (not brass)
This reproduction Federation bedroom suite (above) uses timber handles, not genuine metal handles for the drawers

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