Corinya, Wangaratta

Corinya, 8 Taylor Street, Wangaratta, Victoria


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Corinya – a home of the Callander family

external image Corinya%2520Wangaratta%2520Animation%2520lge.gif

A stunning piece of history to Wangaratta and now offered for sale for the first time in 25 years.

external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520main.jpg

November 2014: For Sale for $685,000: The listing:

  • Circa 1908 (Federation/Edwardian Period) and Federation Queen Anne architecture
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image4.jpg
  • this premier property on almost 1 acre within the centre of the West End is truly rare.
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image21.jpg
  • Rich in history (see below) and commanding in size
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image20.jpg
  • with 14 rooms featuring 6 bedrooms (including maids bedroom), formal sitting room (parlour), breathtaking full size billiard room, 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets, store room and 4 car garage.
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image2.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image5.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image6.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image7.jpg
  • Beautiful period features include 10 verandahs, pressed metal ceilings, 8 fire places, 12-16 ceilings and expansive gardens.
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image22.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image18.jpg
  • external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image16.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image15.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image3.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image13.jpg
    external image 8%2520TAYLOR%2520STREET%2520Wangaratta%2520Vic%25203677%2520image10.jpg
  • This landmark property presents a very unique and special opportunity.


Not to be confused with Carinya, Wangaratta:

Early Victorian Historic House
The historic homestead “Carinya’ built in 1880 which is now a guesthouse

Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria
Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria


Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria
Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria

Real Estate For Sale Wangeratta

Price: $769,000
Status: FOR SALE
Address: 2328 Beechworth Road, TARRAWINGEE, 3678, VIC
Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4
Land Size: 1.5 Acres House Size: 800+

Contact the owner »

Semi Rural Lifestyle Property
Carinya is a substantial and unique historic property, with original stables still intact. Situated on 1.5 acres with potential for sub-division.


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