Federation Semi-detached

Federation Semi’s

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This is a photo essay of semi-detached houses in just one neighbourhood, mainly in King Street, Randwick NSW.

  • Large blocks of land became too expensive to site just one house.
  • A typical Federation semi-detached house has good symmetry, since they were built as an identical pair
  • Often with tuckpointed face brick and
  • Painted gables in decorative roughcast.above ,
  • Casement set or bay windows which have some coloured glass panes.
  • Gables can be a centred (and shared) central feature gablet over entries, or symmetrically doubled
  • Face brick often has narrow openings. (Due to narrow block)
  • Turned timber verandah posts usually have carved valences.
  • Sometimes there are solid or glassed wing walls to verandahs which may have ball urns at ends (see last photo).
  • Chimneys or lack of may indicate the age of the structure (and degree of renovation),
Randwick Row showing different treatments

Stanley Street Randwick has three sets of handsome two-storey semi-detached Federation homes.

Original Randwick semi, new roof tiles
Excellent pair, note original garden on left


Elevated corner semi

This long row is on King Street, Randwick, not far from Randwick TAFE

Fine timber detailing
Note brilliant coloured glass window pane
Very bright & cheery!
Unequal treatment!
Quite a contrast!


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