Federation Queen Anne Stanwell Tops

Federation Queen Anne Stanwell Tops NSW

‘Interbane’ 8 Lawrence Hargrave Road, Stanwell Tops NSW

(near Lawrence Hargrave Memorial Park, Bald Hill, Otford Road, Stanwell Tops NSW)

This beautiful house with its panoramic views is superbly maintained.


  • The house, one of the oldest surviving in Stanwell Park, presents as having a very high degree of integrity when viewed externally, and makes a very important contribution to the character and identity of Stanwell Park.
  • Its status as a local landmark is augmented by visually prominent location and local anecdotes of its history.


  • The house has a complex form with hipped roof with tower and gables, and elongated verandahs.
  • It has brick walls and it is unclear whether original roofing was slate.


  • Architectural quality, marred by brick wall, “decramastic” roof tiles, otherwise in good condition. [1]


View South from pictured house!

  1. ^ http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/heritageapp/ViewHeritageItemDetails.aspx?ID=2700481


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