Queen Anne or Federation Queen Anne?

How to distinguish Federation Queen Anne from Queen Anne housing styles

Springfield House S.A..jpg
external image copy-of-p1010105.jpg?w=300&h=224
Significant as one of Adelaide’s mansions, Springfield House is one of Adelaide’s outstanding stately homes.
Within the house fine quality timbers are used displaying excellent craftsmanship. William Morris products were used in the house.
American Queen Anne: The full spirit of the Queen Anne style is displayed here, with its picturesque (irregular) floor plan, and a jumbling of numerous other styles including romanesque and neoclassical . San Antonio, TX. USA.
  • The Queen Anne style represented the culmination of the picturesque, or romantic movement of the 19th century.
  • “Based on a premise of “decorative excess” and variety, there was little attempt to stay true to any one particular style or historical detailing.
  • The Queen Anne style displayed a combination of various forms and stylistic features borrowed from the earlier parts of the Victorian and Romantic eras.
  • “The last two decades of the nineteenth century saw Queen Anne become the most dominant residential style, heavily favored by the Victorian era elite who had become wealthy from industrial growth. architecturestyles.org/queen-anne
Springfield House, Springfield South Australia
Springfield House, Springfield South Australia

There are two distinct (but overlapping) Queen Anne housing styles in Australia’s architectural history.

  • They are easy to tell apart. Here’s how:

external image header.jpg
Queen Anne styles explained

Queen Anne style1885 > 1900 Federation Queen Anne style1895 > 1910
OUTSIDE: Roofs Which ROOF is that?
external image Camelot%25252C%252520Camden%2525201%252520-%252520Copy.jpg
Camelot, Camden/ Narellan/ Kirkham

external image 220px-Federation_style_mansion_in_domain_street_south_yarra.jpg
Queen Anne styled mansion located in South Yarra, Victoria.external image queen_anne_house3.jpg
Heritage Victoria, Queen Anne

  • Often two storied
  • wealthy homes

steeply pitched usually slate tiled roofs,

  • often with a tall turret called a ‘witches hat’ or a ‘candle-snuffer’
  • usually with a gable facing the street;
  • extensive decorative embellishment,
  • finials,
  • dragons and gargoyles, esp. in Victoria;
  • cannot see rafter ends or Victorian style eaves support structures
  • tall chimney stacks often with multiple pots
  • roof tiles in elaborate shapes
  • Mostly single storey

steeply pitched terracotta tiled roofs, often using orange Marseilles tiles, sometimes slate

  • an imitation tower or small turret often over a verandah
  • always with a gable end facing the street;
  • decorative embellishment, including terracotta ridge cappings, finials, dragons and gargoyles;
  • Rafter ends visible under roof line
  • chimney cornices and terracotta pots
  • Marseilles tiles, initially imported from France, become the typical material for roofs
external image 21%2520Mortimer%2520Avenue%2520Mount%2520Stuart%2520Tas%2520image3.jpg

Roscraig, Hobart

external image 342%2520Arden%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520043-small.jpg
87 Coogee Bay Road
external image queen_anne_house1.jpg
Heritage Victoria, Queen Anne

OUTSIDE: Verandahs
external image 3048894675_7da3c485c7_z.jpg
North Park Mansion – Essendonexternal image 14667838_02_x.jpgWerona, Launceston, Tasmania

external image Albyn%2520House.jpg

Albyn House, Kensington Gardens, SA

  • sometimes minimal verandah or colonnade;
  • verandah roof separate to main roof
  • arched decoration common
  • fretted frieze panels and post brackets,
  • iron or masonry verandah posts, sometimes wooden
  • fretwork features geometric patterns
  • fretted frieze panels and post brackets,
  • square verandah posts,
  • fretwork featuring patterns ranging from intricate geometric to extravagant Art Nouveau designs
  • smaller homes, usually single storey

external image queen_anne_house4.jpg
Heritage Victoria, Queen Anne

external image 349%2520Arden%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520050-small.jpg
349 Arden Street Coogeeexternal image Springhill%2520Lodge%2520front%2520balcony%252C.jpg
Springhill Lodge front balcony, Adelaideexternal image %27Aventine%27%2012%20Appian%20Way%20Burwood.jpg
Appian Way, Burwood
OUTSIDE: Windows:
external image labour-of-love_9_600-600x400.jpg
Lovingly restored Queen Anne house, North Shoreexternal image 3063116100_f97af32d3e_z.jpg
The Towers – Kew by Dean-Melbourne
  • bay windows framed in brick or iron, rarely wood
  • leadlight in geometricpatterns, (Victorian style)
  • rectangles often of plain, not coloured glass above windows
  • bulls-eye windows in gable ends or in series, often not made of coloured leadlight


  • timber-framed bay windows usually white-painted
  • leadlight in Art Nouveau style
  • rectangles of coloured glass above windows
  • bulls-eye leadlight windows set head-high in feature walls

external image WebRes7357512.jpg
1 Hilda Crescent, Hawthorn

external image 108%2520Elphin%2520Road%25202009238705_1_TN.jpg
108 Elphin Road Newsteadexternal image 2009432409_2_FS.jpg
7 Chrystobel Crescent Hawthornexternal image 23%2520Drummoyne%2520Avenue%252C%2520Drummoyne%2520image4.jpg‘Bullseye’ leadlight window at 23 Drummoyne Avenue, Drummoyne
OUTSIDE: Colour & Design:
external image Federation.jpg
Talana, 1 Harcourt Street, Hawthorn East

external image 20108083318pio01200619.jpg

Rotha 29 Harcourt Street Hawthorn

Homerton House - South Yarra by Dean-Melbourne
Homerton House – South Yarra by Dean-Melbourne

Homerton House – South Yarra by Dean-Melbourne

  • Red brick! Except in S.A. and W.A. stonework
  • strong colours, textures and ornament applied fairly evenly over the whole building
  • red brickwork with flush joints and slate roofs
  • gable ends highly ornamented
  • timber, plaster or stucco mouldings and battens to gable ends usually painted a dark colour
  • other woodwork painted cream, brown or green
  • brickwork rarely painted, red oxide used in association with tuck-pointing
  • Often red brick, stone if available
  • strong colours, textures and ornament applied over the front of the building
  • red brickwork with flush joints and tiled roofs
  • gable ends rough cast or stucco, sometimes left natural grey or painted cream
  • timber mouldings and battens to gable ends usually painted a dark colour
  • other woodwork painted cream, brown or green
  • brickwork often with tuck-pointing
external image c380cdcd-a18c-47c8-8b23-0898bf52f405.jpeg
7 Chrystobel Crescent Hawthornexternal image 3030568383_074569f9c7_m.jpg
118 Canterbury Road Middle Park2009351036_1_FS.JPG
1 Brook Street HawthornHeritage repair 3.jpg
Modern tuck-pointing of mortar between bricks
external image 201080833110pio01200620.jpg
Rotha 29 Harcourt Street Hawthorn
  • ceilings highly ornamented with elaborate cornices and ornate patterns
  • marble fireplaces with inglenooks in very large houses
  • elaborate wallpapers
  • walls usually with friezes
  • less ornate than Late Victorian
  • ceilings sometimes divided into panels ornamented with plaster straps and shallow patterns with Art Nouveau motifs
  • timber fireplaces
  • rarely wallpapers
  • painted plaster walls with picture rails, pressed metal or timber
external image 23%2520Hilda%2520Crescent%252C%2520Hawthorn%252C%2520VIC%2520image3.jpg
12 Coppin Grove HAWTHORN

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