Rosebery Federation Bungalows re-visited

Rosebery Federation Bungalows re-visited

  • These houses are mostly not on Gardener’s road, although the first two houses, including the one with timber fence, verandah frieze and carport are on that road.
  • All of these have their own grace. See for yourself.
An Arts and Crafts bungalow renovation, the bay window and chimney show what was original Federation style
Matching carport and fence
Still some ridge ornament and original chimneys, note the decorative face brickwork
This original model still has the slate roof and some ridge decoration! Highest points show hailstorm damage.
Rendered surface, and replaced windows, a lot of decoration is now missing, Compare to the house above….
This house could have been heritage listed… see the original photo:
58 Tweedmouth Avenue Rosebery, as originally erected
This is tuckpointed! Probably missing some gable decoration? Chimney is different… could this be Arts & Craft minimal style?
This however, is rendered. Has some remaining character…

Finally, a superb Californian Bungalow:

Rosebery Californian Bungalow, very well presented!


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