Carrum Carrum Longueville

‘Carrum Carrum’ c1890, 17 Mary Street LONGUEVILLE NSW

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Carrum Carrum, the 1890s villa at Longueville, has been sold reputedly for a touch over $5 million.

The 2,604 square metre holding was listed for sale in 2012 for $7 million, then relisted earlier this year at $6 million-plus in February. Then on its June auction countdown there was $4.95 million plus guidance.
It last traded in 1991 for $925,000 when entrepreneur John Bradley and his wife, Patricia, bought the rundown boarding house.

  • The block adjoining the battle axe block was bought for $1.22 million in 2001 to reinstate the garden.
  • It was marketed as one of the lower north shore’s finest Victorian-era mansions, having been built in 1890 for James and Alice Macken, nee Foy.
  • The original house, with stables for six horses and a garage, cost £4,000.
  • The name Carrum Carrum came from a Melbourne swamp.
  • The official sale price hasn’t been revealed but Title Tattle gleans it was not as much as Fairlie, a grand 1896 Federation mansion sold recently for around $5.6 million through McGrath’s Beth and Michael Ferguson.
  • Built in 1896 by surveyor and inventor Fairlie Tronson, the 2,600 square metre riverfront estate last traded in 1952 when it was bought by the late William Ryan, a senior surgeon at the Mater Hospital.
  • Link to Google+ gallery which contains a Tour of this House


Impeccably restored by its current owner, ‘Carrum Carrum’ c1890 is one of Longueville’s original architectural treasures. Regal proportions and elegant historic details are complemented by 2,604sqm of gardens, footsteps from the picturesque shores of Yacht Bay.

  • Brilliantly revived for a life of modern family entertaining
  • Soaring ornate ceilings, Kauri floors and Kalantis fittings
  • Six verandahs, nine fireplaces, sumptuous bay windows
  • Grand dining room, drawing room and ball/billiards room
  • Central sandstone courtyard, rolling lawns, classic fountains
  • Casual dining room and timber kitchen with Smeg appliances
  • Elegant main bathroom featuring a fireside clawfoot bathtub

Road to riches or a bottomless pit?
BECKY BARKER May 8, 2010 Sydney Morning Herald
‘People love old houses’ say architect Clive Lucas

  • Becky Barker seeks advice on whether reviving historic houses is really worth it.
  • If you believe the hype on TV renovation shows, it seems anyone can make a million by restoring an old building. But does it pay to buy a piece of Australian history and restore it with period precision?
  • The general manager of property valuer Herron Todd White, Michael McNamara, is not convinced. At a recent auction of an authentically restored Victorian semi in Sydney’s inner west, crowds flocked to view the house but no one bid for it.
The facade of the carefully restored 1894 Queen-Anne style home
The facade of the carefully restored 1894 Queen-Anne style home

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Victorian era house in Queen Anne style, without prominent chimneys.
Photos reproduced from SMH
external image labour-of-love_1_600-600x400.jpg

The lounge room of Patricia Bradley’s lovingly restored Federation house.
Bay window in Victorian arch. Original upper panes would be coloured glass
The ceiling rose, suspended lighting as lamp covers, and highly decorated ceiling in the Victorian style
Bay window as a ‘nook’ for reading or hobby craft, wooden decoration is typically Federation

The lounge room of Patricia Bradley's lovingly restored Federation house.
The lounge room of Patricia Bradley’s lovingly restored Federation house.

Frieze and Victorian decoration, not typical of Federation style
external image labour-of-love_11_600-600x400.jpg

Bay window shows original coloured glass typical of the period

Patricia Bradley’s 20-year quest to restore her home, and its facade, to its former glory has proved a major success.
Patricia Bradley’s 20-year quest to restore her home, and its facade, to its former glory has proved a major success.


external image 47CC520C-AEE6-5E77-77ECF70442780E28_s.jpg external image 47CBE199-A247-F0B1-C3CDB16315887767_s.jpg external image 47CBC440-9F90-493F-AC559FC0A31DD29F_s.jpg external image 47CC1A38-FD4C-E894-8B58638BBD9C57D4_s.jpg
external image 47CC3568-04B2-EE27-CF3B38EF14D42476_s.jpg external image 47CC6CFB-AA8E-4866-7EEBAABC73BA8956_s.jpg external image 47CC881A-BCB0-A23F-6445FB4156795EB6_s.jpg external image 47CBFDC2-08CE-D864-73ABA5A280508D26_s.jpg

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    Longueville’s historic 1890s Carrum Carrum villa sold
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