Merildene, Chatswood

Merildene, 2 Rose Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

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“Merildene” – Grand Federation Home c 1903

  • Picturesque asymmetrical frontage
  • Ornamental brickwork
  • Corbelled chimneys
  • Elaborate leadlight windows

With three separate residences across two titles, occupying approximately 1800sqm of land, this property presents a rare residential and/or commercial opportunity.

  • Set amidst landscaped gardens, it is peaceful, private and desirably located adjacent to Beauchamp Park.
  • This will be one of the most significant Chatswood purchases of the year.
    Merildene, 2 Rose Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067
    Merildene, 2 Rose Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067
Merildene, 2 Rose Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067
Merildene, 2 Rose Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

Main residence:

  • Grand period features
    external image mz3Q6T8jAmuhpm-LZZ3yBWNKIK_LadGcriIFZUH4Dl3WGwO102H5W6rKeC6aczMXKXiMfWwVyQ7bruxkWnI=w332-h220-rw external image qYkFqQi7VJX5Bt_jBPDh6A2B2wCL8cjAY0K_JCyY7xwzwrupRKfko52WMpaUBkB12-J31XbTNBXLyroN7Dg=w332-h220-rw
  • High ornate ceilings
    external image lsoCHsAHpYCXc9QV__CeqO66u8atbexfDVnWhW-l8CnkKTm-Q0KGnFk7xTOOkxXFcYOTu3pJx4L6uQjev2Y=w332-h220-rw external image GmfcP_LOUUovHT2LZgn5iZ1HUTud1GJYou7IRHXLn0tUfjD0RS2puPCXJCNxngEtmCghu9thQ7dN3EZfFL8=w332-h220-rw
  • Leadlight windows, fireplaces
    external image cOHVD70uiLFnR8FWYQABKprpWQ3V6rgtU99beTyJJZuFDQJmf2k6ExMCLaEf_dTtkoK4s8ZfIh0Ov3K_FHw=w332-h220-rw external image UBrBmKCmlJ1czjBbJOw3ttZIL50xJ6lT-hZ-5oWVYH72WE8y4i0dJga-Ggp-qF-gaw133c5uWxU_3NgoVV0=w332-h220-rw
  • 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms + WC
  • Formal and informal living
  • Private entrance, return veranda
    external image 3_t6e87nih5ULHy68kt-CxOnBu4PCrZVxXxyM5qFEv15rB7GZP_NUy34YeNBxytnoWbRixSSl0j5vO050Io=w293-h220-rw external image sEo65AZufhLGFtUwaURV_QQXDJZO1NrxU9NEsQj5kfJAPhCzvcKaWG4NW1DldjULVkKxuqhLuteau_8jUqc=w293-h220-rw
  • Eat-in gas kitchen, home office
  • Off-street parking for 6+ cars
    external image o1r5_96DsT3_QDfB0fgVyEi6IwsBpmnzvN_baelvoZHreEgfBmXC0wXpSI6znE7_we7F7yjgYcvIkhCqMpc=w332-h220-rw external image lLYL3WQzChUsMhtjrLJ0w58AdEHysvVPDTVZDQWpz-NMfn8IdkZOQ3Er_fScArTO5V3gs9plV8j97xiQXUI=w332-h220-rw


Property history

  • Sat 8 Jul 1905 – Occupied by C. Herbert Small, wife and new daughter
  • 1910– Home of C. Herbert Small and family
  • 18 June 1910 – Sale of prize stock of Wyandotte and Orpington hens and pullets
  • Wed 2 July 1910 – Auction of contents
  • Last Sold $1,260,000 in Sep 2004
  • Rent $1,200pw in Apr 2007
  • Sold $3,600,002 in Nov 2016

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